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10 Bits of Priceless Advice when Selling your Home

Couple shakes hands with realator in fron of new home

If you’re putting your house on the market, you will do well to remember the following tips. When buyers are looking at a property they picture themselves and their family in the space. You want those pictures to match their dreams.

  1. Established gardens

urlDon’t underestimate the value of an established garden. Make sure to trim hedges, mow the lawn, pull out any weeds and make it look as nice as you possibly can. Make sure that any outside furniture is clean. Set the scene so buyers can see fun family times in the back yard and feel a positive vibe when they walk up to your front door.

  1. Fix little blemishes

If buyers see a broken shutter, a cracked tile or a door that needs painting the value of your home drops by way more in their minds than it would cost to repair the little things. If your teenager has painted his bedroom walls black, now is the time to paint them a more acceptable color.

  1. Furnished spaces

short-term_white-sofaBuyers find it hard to picture living in your home if the spaces are empty. If, for whatever reason, you are unable to leave your furniture in the home when you have buyers coming around, consider hiring furniture to give that homely atmosphere.

  1. Neat and tidy

goodroomYour home should be pristine. Remember that buyers may want to look inside closets so don’t just stuff everything into the nearest closet. Rather hire a storage unit and dump all your clutter there until your home is sold. If you have pets that live inside, consider taking dogs and cats to kennels and if you keep snakes or other scary critters, ask your local pet shop if they’re prepared to babysit them until your home is sold.

  1. The sense of smell

alcohol-can-actually-sharpen-your-sense-of-smellSmells are more memorable than sights or sounds. Make sure that your home smells wonderful. Place a saucer with some vanilla essence and water in the oven and turn it on to a low heat. You can use a drop of vanilla or lavender oil on the globe of bedside lamps in bedrooms. Ensure that your bathrooms smell clean but not chemical. Use a citrus based cleaner for an extra fresh smell. If you are smokers, refrain from smoking indoors and consider hiring an ozone generator to get rid of any residual stale smoke smells.

  1. Lighting up the atmosphere

Even if buyers are coming during the day, use lamps and overhead lights to create a warm atmosphere and eliminate dark corners. If a room is particularly dark, consider an uplighter which bounces bright light off the ceiling.

  1. Honesty is the best policy

If there is anything wrong with the property, don’t try to cover it up. Buyers will appreciate you being up-front with them. Tell them what is wrong, tell them how much it would fix to repair and tell them how you have adjusted your selling price to account for the costs. The same goes for problems in the neighborhood.

  1. Do your homework

While your agent will do a lot of research and should be able to provide you with a lot of data, don’t take everything at face value. Do your own research about the area, recent house sale prices and the like. Even visit a few other homes in the area that are up for sale so that you can see how they compare to yours and can see what price they are selling for.

  1. A good agent is gold

Ask for references. Quiz them about the area and make sure they can answer the questions you would ask if you were buying a house.

  1. Don’t be greedy

Don’t let your ego rule your asking price. Understand the state of the current market and make sure that your price is realistic.

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